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  Welcome Reddit / The Donald
Posted by: A_Jackson - 12-01-2016, 05:34 PM - Forum: General Presidential Race Area - No Replies

With the antics of Reddit's CEO this site will continue even if he shuts down The Donald and bans pro Trump users.

I encourage all of you to also post to this site and use the chat room (sign up required) in parallel with The Donald to hedge our resources.

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  Offical campaign t-shirt
Posted by: Donaldduck - 11-20-2016, 05:30 PM - Forum: Campaign Talk - No Replies

Donald Trump For President 2016 T Shirt Make America Great Again Men T-shirt Tee

Link ebay

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  Trump 2020
Posted by: A_Jackson - 11-16-2016, 04:30 AM - Forum: General Presidential Race Area - No Replies

This site will now focus on reelecting President Trump in 2020 starting now

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  Arise President Trump
Posted by: A_Jackson - 11-14-2016, 03:15 PM - Forum: General Presidential Race Area - No Replies

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Posted by: A_Jackson - 11-09-2016, 03:54 AM - Forum: General Presidential Race Area - Replies (1)


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  OMG! This is the best Trump video you will ever see
Posted by: A_Jackson - 11-06-2016, 02:44 AM - Forum: General Presidential Race Area - No Replies

48 hours to Election Day. God be with us all.

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  Hillary religion?
Posted by: Starmex15 - 10-14-2016, 02:56 PM - Forum: General Presidential Race Area - No Replies

In Mexican newspaper La Jornada march 27, 2009 edition, is a note, related to Secretary Hillary visited Guadalupe Virgin image in Mexico City, making a short pray, depositing flowers at that image.
As long as I understand, Hillary is a christian metodist, which supose not to adorate images.
To adorate images is against one of the 10 comandemencts given fromo Jehova to Moises, acording to the bible.

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  Repost from IllTres
Posted by: A_Jackson - 10-08-2016, 10:28 PM - Forum: General Presidential Race Area - No Replies

Juanita Broaddrick on her twitter responded to IllTres when he made the below post here at Donald Trump Chat at the Donald Trump Chat Twitter account that he runs. Donald Trump is now active on twitter today retweeting Juanita's tweets.

[Image: avatar_4.jpg?dateline=1458436862]
IllTres [Image: buddy_offline.png] 
[Image: star.png][Image: star.png][Image: star.png]

Posts: 194
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05-18-2016, 07:43 PM 

So it looks like golden Don is going to single handedly destroy the Clintons and their 40 year run of crime, graft, sexual abuse, rape, fraud and terror.

People have tried before, but the Clintons were always protected by the media and political establishment and allowed to continue their feeding frenzy and amass 100 million + from the haul.

Only someone of Trump's public stature and media prowess could undo what the establishment has done with the Clintons. But it is not only the Clintons.

Why would people have gone to such lengths to prevent the Clintons from paying for their crimes, to the extent of discrediting, terrorizing and destroying the lives of Bill and Hillary's rape victims? These weren't bimbos or trailer park trash girls as portrayed by the Clinton machine, but DNC volunteers and other women with reputations and no motive to accuse Bill falsely.

Why protect the Clintons? It's a dirty secret of our government and power class that it uses the dirt, especially sexual dirt, on powerful people to control them. The intelligence agencies that operate behind the scenes of our society, with their tentacles in everything from arm sales and drug sales to banking, shadow banking, terrorism, have multiple methods of controlling countries (including ours).  One of those is of course bribery. Cooperate with us and share in the benefits. Another is blackmail: work with us or we expose just what you've been up to. The economic and political forces that work behind the scenes, benefiting from all the little wars around the world and the clean up operations after the wars, when the loot is split up, the contracts handed out, and the extractive apparatus installed to exploit and take over the resources around the world, and shrewd. Force, debt, proxy revolution are effected in part by blackmail and compromising the actors on the ground in other countries and ours. Dirt is used to establish political control.

This system needs the secret dirt and vices of the powerful to control and steer policy in the direction they want. They tempt the powerful and trap them like Satan in  a story. They offer the cocaine and the lucrative, fraudulent deals and the underage prostitutes and sex slaves and get the powerful under their thumbs in every sector of society. Those not caught up, those with integrity, need only be cowed into staying silent or discredited when they go "off the reservation," as Mrs. Clinton would say.

They are organized crime and the end justifies the means, and it all flies under the flag of patriotism and national security. It's been that way for over a century, it's the American system of control, black ops and psy ops.

It's why a child molester like Republican Dennis Hastert was permitted to be Speaker of the House while lots of insiders surely knew about his boy-molesting, and why the two Bush groomed Cubans, Cruz and Rubio, were promoted to run for the presidency and encouraged even more to indulge their voracious, adulterous sexual appetites. Rubio liked foam parties and parking lot head from rentboys; Cruz loved conserva-skanks and sundry hookers. A man has as many masters as vices, pace Augustine.

Sexual dirt and career-ending public exposure is a handy prod toward aggressive politicking and to keeping the doors well opened to the right lobbyists. 

It's why the Epstein underage sex-slave island theme park was allowed to stay opened and offered up to the power players of the world to whet their secret appetites for 12 year old sex toys, and then allowed to go back to their business -- with an open door to the right lobbyists and operatives. 

It's why Clinton could leave her email server wide open and get hacked by the same governments her husband was taking million dollar donations from to grease the wheels of political access to Secretary of State Hillary.

It's how the shadow political system of corporate insiders, lawyers, bankers, contractors and spies control the outer echelons of the public power elite to a large degree. Of course there are many other avenues of control but this one is important and lesser known, and it is a damning indictment of the system we have.

Thankfully Trump has very little real or serious dirt, and so it is why the desperate New York Times and Washing Post assign dozens of hack journalists, dependent for their fame and livelihood on the dying corporate-sponsored, revenue losing legacy media model -- to dig up nonexistent dirt of the most tenuous kind, then exaggerate, twist and spin it on the one candidate who is relatively low on the dirt hierarchy and as public a figure and as vetted a figure as has ever run for president.

But it's not working this time, for a variety of reasons. That system grew up in the dark of money power, concentrated media, and a well manage television narrative. The internet has busted that up.

The desperation of the times we live in, the sense of distrust and something amiss, the sense of something dark controlling our politics and the culture at large.

The growing economic insecurity which the middle class and upper middle class begin to feel alongside the working class, and the social alienation and breakdown of trust and social capital. 

All come together to spark the information revolution and skepticism--revulsion--that is pulling the curtain back to show that the wizard is a roundtable of insiders: a cocaine addled wraith and decrepit rapist, his vicious, coughing lesbian wife, a few 100 guilty billionaires, and a lot of middle management mandarins who have sold out all moral standards to line their pockets and participate in the old system -- the charade of organized crime and hidden malignancy and evil able to flourish in the dark. 

But not for much longer. Light is being shined on it all and it can't be controlled. The facts are entering the public discourse. This process will kill what only grows in the dark. Human nature won't change, but new forms will have to come to take place of the old, and they will at least adorn their crime and corruption with more of a fig leaf, and perhaps be less criminal and corrupt.

To maintain its legitimacy, the establishment will have to throw their worst sinning brethren overboard and behave a little better for a while. Or they'll have to really bite down firm with set teeth and go all in, put Trump away and accelerate the drive to a new serfdom.

The Trump-Clinton fight and its outcome will largely determine the trajectory we take; a new public transparency and walk back from the brink of the new feudalism, or an elite doubling down on the dispossession of the middle class and our conversion into impoverished subjects with no constitutional protections and no recourse against the excesses and abuses of power and wealth.

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  Signaled and Triggered
Posted by: A_Jackson - 09-28-2016, 04:43 PM - Forum: General Presidential Race Area - No Replies

Hillary was signaling the moderator, a world class poker pro agrees.

Video here:


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  Does anybody else volunteer?
Posted by: Deplorable Don - 09-27-2016, 11:28 AM - Forum: Campaign Talk - No Replies

Anybody else in here a volunteer?

I've been making calls since before the primary.  It's pretty fun.  Trump has his own system now that makes it pretty easy.  Most people you get are nice, too.  If you want to get involved, consider making calls like me.

Also going to do a voter registration drive this weekend.

It's pretty fun doing stuff for the campaign!

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