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  Thank you StoneTear - Hillary Clinton is DONE
Posted by: Stanley888 - 09-20-2016, 07:37 PM - Forum: General Presidential Race Area - No Replies

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  Hillary COLLAPSE at Ground Zero
Posted by: Stanley888 - 09-18-2016, 02:54 AM - Forum: General Presidential Race Area - No Replies

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  I made a song supporting Donald Trump
Posted by: DonaldTrumpsOfHeaven - 09-16-2016, 10:17 PM - Forum: Campaign Talk - No Replies

i hope you enjoy it

thanks everybody for help me to made this song


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  Pipe lines
Posted by: John chamblee - 09-10-2016, 04:22 PM - Forum: Off Topic - Replies (1)

What is Trump's opionon th pipe line. In North Dakota ?

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  Trump The Fed
Posted by: Stanley888 - 09-06-2016, 05:02 PM - Forum: General Presidential Race Area - No Replies

The US Federal Reserve has created a 'false economy', Trump says
Republican presidential nominee’s comments prompt Hillary Clinton to call him unpresidential, saying he ‘should not be commenting on Fed actions’


 Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump at a roundtable discussion with labor leaders and union members on Monday in Brook Park, Ohio. Photograph: Evan Vucci/AP
Jana Kasperkevic and agencies



Tuesday 6 September 2016 09.40 EDTLast modified on Tuesday 6 September 201615.37 EDT

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The Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, who has previously accused the Federal Reserve of keeping interest rates low to help Barack Obama, said on Monday that the US central bank had created a “false economy” and that interest rates should change. His Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, seized on the remarks as proof that Trump is not presidential.
“They’re keeping the rates down so that everything else doesn’t go down,” Trump said in response to a reporter’s request to address a potential rate hike by theFederal Reserve in September. “We have a very false economy,” he said.

“At some point the rates are going to have to change,” Trump, who was campaigning in Ohio on Monday, added. “The only thing that is strong is the artificial stock market.”
His remarks did not sit well with Clinton. While speaking to reporters on her campaign plane, Clinton implied that Trump’s comments show he is not ready to be president.
“You should not be commenting on Fed actions when you are either running for president or you are president,” she said. “Words have consequences. Words move markets. Words can be misinterpreted.”
The Fed chair, Janet Yellen, said last month that the US central bank was getting closer to raising interest rates, possibly as early as September, saying that the Fed sees the economy as close to meeting its goals of maximum employment and stable prices.
The Fed raised interest rates last December for the first time in nearly a decade, and at that time projected four more hikes in 2016. The Fed later scaled back that projection to two rate hikes this year in the wake of a slowdown in global growth and continued financial market volatility.

The Fed is set to meet in September, November and December this year. Most economists expect that the Fed will hike interest rates just once before the end of 2016 and that it will come in December after the US presidential elections.

Read more
According to the Atlanta Fed president, Dennis Lockhart, elections do not come up during policy-setting meetings.
“We sit around the table for a day and a half. We talk about the state of the economy, we talk about the outlook for the economy, we talk about how close we are to our mandated objectives. Many of us – the Fed presidents – give some color from our regions from the conversations we have had with business leaders and community leaders and so forth, and really talk about what the best decision is that we can make at this meeting for the long run for the economy. And that’s it,” he said in May. “Rarely does anyone bring up a political subject. It’s not part of how we conduct ourselves in this meeting.”
Prior to winning the Republican nomination, Trump had called Yellen’s tenure “highly political” and said the Fed should raise interest rates but would not do so for “political reasons”.
The Fed has been a target of some conservative critics in the US Congress, who say the bank risked sparking inflation with its easy monetary policies in response to the global financial crisis.
Fed officials say their independence is critical to making sound policy decisions.
The Richmond Fed president, Jeffrey Lacker, and Kansas City Fed president, Esther George, are scheduled to defend the Fed’s policies before the US Congress on Wednesday.
Reuters contributed to this report.

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  The Religion of Duncanism
Posted by: Stanley888 - 09-04-2016, 08:43 PM - Forum: Off Topic - No Replies

Duncan's Lesson -
enjoy your life in each moment, say what u need to say in each moment
maybe you'll get instantly famous then die
but at least until then you told those cocksuckers it was the 4th time they called and that they are a stupid son of a bitch

duncan is dead but his spirit lives on in each of us. guides us. makes us laugh. tells us to say what we gotta say in the moment then move on. for we too will be like duncan. gone one day. and we may too before then be famous and adored, all by accident, so we too may inspire others long after we pass to the great construction company in the sky

in the name of Moloch in this we say, ah man

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Wink Join Minds Social Network
Posted by: Rob Bower - 09-02-2016, 10:43 PM - Forum: Off Topic - No Replies


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Big Grin Mexico will pay for the wall
Posted by: Rob Bower - 09-01-2016, 02:48 AM - Forum: The Wall - Replies (1)


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  Trump: Make Mexico Great Again!
Posted by: IllTres - 08-31-2016, 08:18 PM - Forum: The Wall - No Replies

Mexicans don't come here illegally for their health. It is not a fun walk I've heard. It's an expensive, risky trek, often involving unsavory smugglers (coyotes). People often are confined in the strangest hidden places to get through, in smouldering heat and without adequate water and food. Others die in the desert on the trip. Others are raped, robbed of anything they have, and killed. Including many unaccompanied minors. Think about how bad Mexico must be for that to be a preferable option. And think about how, like with the conditions in the African American inner city, this is all perfectly acceptable to the ultra-moral politically correct set who hate on Trump for his salty language.

Once they get here, they have to find somewhere they can stay, have minimal contact with the broader society, do not speak the language and lack the option of contacting law enforcement if they're victimized by unscrupulous Mexican or American employers. Some make cash directly, but others are transported by day-labor peddlers in exchange for room, board and food, and are basically treated as slaves. Maids and housekeepers can be abused with impunity by wealthy employers and understand that if they go to the authorities, they'll be out of a job and in "the system," putting their families at risk of deportation or worse, and disrupting the stability of their lives, if you can call them stable. Even if this isn't a true belief, they have no way of knowing better and are vulnerable to being mislead by their exploiters. 

The ones who have it "good" still can't really access law enforcement, courts, police, or even drive legally. They can't save in a bank account and have to pay high fees for prepaid credit cards, money transfers and other conveniences. They won't collect social security, Medicare or disability payments if they're injured. They can't bring lawsuits. Their medical care consists of going to the emergency room, waiting long hours, and burdening local resources, alienating their communities and engendering the hostility we all want to avoid. Their employers get to save on labor costs while the local community picks up the slack in education, emergency care and social services, including jails and courts. The employers are free-riding on public services and infrastructure picking up the slack of their low wages, and those taxes aren't paid by the big corporations with their offshore bank accounts and tax dodges, but by the middle class and working people.

Mexican border towns run by corrupt, inept or crime connected officials don't want to pay for the cost of jailing their worst elements, so they naturally force them over the border. We don't need mountains of data to prove that this is going on, its just common sense: When the same murderer, rapist or other criminal winds up in America for the fourth, fifth or sixth time after American authorities have sprung them from our jails and deported them to Mexico, after committing a serious felony, we can conclude that Mexico is having similar problems with them, knows who they are and sends them back across the border. Otherwise, why aren't they in prison over there? Are we supposed to believe they become choir-boys in Mexico when they are repeat felons here?

As a result, a large portion of our illegal aliens are socially unassailable elements that will not obey the law. The good ones come from the lowest sections of Mexican society and have no skills but basic menial labor. By flooding our low skilled labor market, they drive the wages down below where Americans are willing to accept. That doesn't make Americans lazy, it makes them sensible. They don't want to work for a wage that prevents them from affording basic housing, medical care and food for their families. It's the desperate Mexican migrant who, driven out of his own country, now has to live in squalid conditions, many men to a household, and work long hours at very hard work. And even then billions of dollars are sent back to help the impoverished families of these illegals, cutting more into their earnings.

Even those who come legally would likely prefer to be in their own country with their own families, churches and near the graves of their parents and loved ones. They come here out of desperation due to what the multinational corporations, the drug cartels and the political parasites of Mexico and America have done to their country, and are busy at work trying to do to our country.

Once upon a time Mexicans made decent wages. When Trump comes into office, hopefully with substantial Latino support (he's already ahead of Romney there), he will work with the Mexican government to bring about certain ends that benefit both nations.

Trump will work toward bringing manufacturing of the sophisticated products we consume back to America, but not to America alone. There will be plenty to go around, and Mexico can cash in on the benefits. To strengthen our relations with Mexico and provide incentives to their government to cooperate on the border, we can let them share in the benefits of a new trade policy that favors our neighbors over sweatshop labor countries thousands of miles away, letting our corporations set up shop, dodge taxes, pollute the local environment and abuse local workers. It is simply immoral, let alone economical harmful.

Trump will work with the Mexican government to improve the wages, standard of living and labor conditions in Mexico by favoring Mexico with trade over far away countries. He hinted at that today, and I bet there's more to come. I've been prescient about Trump's proposals because they're often what I'd propose. A better standard of living producing the sophisticated products that we consume will eliminate much of the incentive Mexicans have for coming here illegally.

With these benefits lavished on them by US trade policy, Mexico itself will become a magnet for illegal immigration from their own neighbors in central and south America. The burden of border control will then shift to Mexico, and it will be even more in their interests than it is now to control the flow of cheap labor migrants from further south. In effect, Mexico will act as our buffer state, and the US media and its corporate masters will have a much harder time tarring Mexico with the label of "racist, xenophobe," and the rest of the 2 cent smears. In that sense, Mexico will also become our PC buffer as well.

A high wage Mexico will be a Mexico whose citizens want safety and security and a less corrupt political system, with less open violence and influence by organized crime.  A strong Mexico will mean an end to Cartel politics, mass death and war zone conditions. Americans will once again be able to travel to and throughout Mexico, and tourism will be another boon to Mexico with Trump policies. It is a disgrace that the greatest power in the world should have a failed narco-state as its backyard where its own citizens have to be worried about being kidnapped not just by criminals but by the police and held for ransom.

As American influence in the world wanes and Chinese/Russian/Iranian influence grows in Asia, it is natural that our focus should turn back to strengthening our own hemisphere and protecting it from encroachment. Manufacturing our sophisticated technology over here instead of over there will contribute to that, and will diminish the national security risks of stolen high tech intellectual property.

Much of Trumpism recalls an earlier billionaire presidential candidate, Ross Perot, with his sincere concern or the well being of Mexican workers and what NAFTA would to do their standard of living as well as ours. He proposed a "social tariff" to prevent American and Mexican firms from exploiting ultra cheap labor and poor labor conditions in Mexico, and shipping the cheaper products up to us with no tax, thus undercutting American business. Under his scheme, as wages rose in Mexico and firms instituted a higher standard of environmental control and labor conditions, their cost of production would rise naturally so that their products would not be unfairly competitive in the US market. The social tariff would decline as those conditions were achieved and American and Mexican products would be on a more even footing. When cost of labor and production reached a par with America, there would be no tariff. The currency differences would still exist, but shipping costs would offset that to some extent. Of course instead of Ross Perot we got Clinton, NAFTA, China as a member of WTO, and massive foreign trade deficits. Americans went into personal debt to offset the outflow of American money. American borrowing and the false boom of the 1990s is what financed the balanced budget/surpluses of that era, and we paid the price in the Bush years. So much for the famed Clinton economy.

Mexico has a great advantage of being our next-door neighbor; they can import the social, economic, and currency stability we already have by modelling their political and financial infrastructure on ours. They can really raise the standard of living of their people and become a more prosperous and powerful nation, rather than being the cheap labor, organized crime capitol of the western hemisphere, with massive abuse of their own people, and those weakest and poorest forced to flee their country on a dangerous trek to Nowhere, USA, where they live in shadows for the enrichment of the greedy.

An impoverished Mexico is forced to export its worst social elements north against the interests of America, which frankly is pissing us off and forcing our own standard of living down, and creating needles hostility toward immigrants who often don't deserve it (though some surely do). That is exactly what the big donors, corporate interests and Cartel criminals want, no matter what the social costs to Mexicans AND Americans in crime, poverty, disease, geographic displacement of Mexicans and economic displacement of American workers. That is why they support Clinton and protect her and oppose Trump.

Basically Trump is framing this (accurately) as the working/common people of Mexico and America vs the multinational elites of both places.

Truth be told, and judging from the billions of dollars they send home to their wives, kids and families, Mexican illegals and many Mexican legals in America would love to be able to reunite with their families in a safe/good jobs Mexico. They're here because they have been driven here and they live in the shadows working for crap wages and without recourse to the law, to the courts, or to open political activity. If Trump can convince just 5-10% more Latino American voters that this is the case, its a big move in the polls.

Mexicans have been driven out of their country just as American blacks have been driven from neighborhood to neighborhood and out of good paying jobs over the decades for the advantage of shiftless politicians, big business and self serving black "community" leaders. These false leaders trade votes like slavers once traded people, and misery, dependence and a lousy standard of living, with violence and danger ever present, accrue to the victims.

These communities have nothing to lose by taking a chance with Trump. In fact, black and Latino community leaders command huge leverage with a Trump administration if they can move just a small percentage of open minded voters in their respective communities to Trump, without losing anything they already have from the Democrats (which isn't much). Trump has NOT threatened the existing regime of preferential hiring, admissions or the current welfare regime, contrary to popular impression. They aren't front and center priorities, just as he has NOT threatened to guy retirement entitlements in general, despite the austerity and debt hysteria rhetoric of both parties. His law and order rhetoric is qualitatively different from the Clintons'. What Trump will do he will do with heart, because he's a real person, not a political robot. If abuses are occurring he will find out about it and address it.

By the same token, Trump has nothing to lose by reaching out to these traditionally Democratic constituencies and telling them the hard truth. It won't alienate his own voters, who are a lock, and potentially gains him millions more. As usual, Trump and his team are changing all the rules, violating the unspoken conventions of party politics and coming up with political judo unseen in decades. Crashing the party--both parties. And now, both countries.

Trump, unlike even the sharpest political pundits, can factor in his own political power when thinking up policy. He can use the bully pulpit of the presidency to speak directly to the people and can build new coalitions of under-served interest groups. This is powerful stuff when it comes to getting legislation passed after November. Because he can factor these things into his proposals that he's making right now, he is able to come up with bold and imaginative policies that are normally outside the realm of political possibility for us analysts and pundits to propose or consider. That is why he is so unpredictable and dangerous to the entrenched interest of DC, Wall Street, K Street and the comfortable beneficiaries of the current system at every level.

For the winners in that system, he must be stopped!! For the losers who suffer the social consequences...

Enough is enough!

Make Mexico Great Again!  Make America Great Again!

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  SPOILER ALERT: Gary Johnson/Romney Utah Steal
Posted by: IllTres - 08-23-2016, 10:05 PM - Forum: Campaign Talk - Replies (1)

Check this out...

GJ promising cabinet posts to both Mitt Romney and former Utah governor Hart... What do they have in common? Mormon/Utah votes.

The other third party candidate trying to get on ballot is GOP/NeverTrumper Evan McMullen is..... ex-CIA Mormon, Utahn.


What are the odds they aren't being funded by Clinton and/or Romney and neocon $$ to push off Utah electoral votes to Clinton.

I would think Gary Johnson is sophisticated enough to know he's playing Utah spoiler by blatantly dangling cabinet posts to top Utah/Mormon political figures Romney and Hart. And where did this ex-CIA Mormon suddenly come from to run 3P.


Gary Johnson ... decided to set up his campaign headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah, just a few blocks away from the HQ of the Church of Latter-Day Saints. That’s where Gary Johnson’s main Super PAC is located as well. Gary Johnson isn’t Mormon.

Gary Johnson’s campaign chief, Ron Nielson, is based here. Ron Nielson runs a conservative polling firm called NSON Opinion Strategies, whose headquarters is the same three-story building on South Temple Road as Johnson’s campaign headquarters...

The point here is that Gary Johnson’s campaign headquarters is located in Romney’s backyard, in a right-wing Republican polling firm’s office.


So what does the attorney who registered Gary Johnson’s “Our America” outfit really believe, the libertarian end of the Republican spectrum that Johnson represents, or the reactionary extremism of the Minutemen and Christian homophobes she serves?

Maureen Otis answered that question herself on her own twitter feed, such asthis June 5 tweet following Scott Walker’s win in the Wisconsin recall:

   “Great news for WI & start of an important trend for Repub’s in the fall. Time for everyone to $$ to Romney campaign.”


VP Bill Weld, like Romney, was Gov. of MA... and a private equity man.

Looking more and more like GJ campaign is a Clinton or Romney black op..


Obama recently caught golfing with Bain capital cofounder, Romney's old partner....

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