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Blow Back: Trump, Truthout
Insightful Trump comments on left-leaning finance blog Naked Capitalism. The blue collar / true leftist natives are restless with Clintondom and warming to Trump...

Dino Reno
March 2, 2016 at 9:28 am

Blow Back: Trump, Truthout

The author has a good point that the warfare state has created a mindset that led to Trump. Unfortunately, he doesn’t stop there.
He goes off into the fascist weeds that marks the death knell of every reasoned argument. Although thousands have tried, no one can define fascism so it’s best to not even try, let alone label someone a
fascist. But the allure is irresistible. It’s the one word more derogatory than evil. It goes to a very dark place where everyone is goose stepping and committing endless atrocities. In today’s world that place is North Korea, although no one ever calls it a fascist state.

According to the article, Trump is the guy who will uncork fascism because he has a cult of personality, hates minorities and will try to conquer the world.
The message is clear: Be afraid of Trump and the fascist state he will create. The NYT has also pushed this line for months to no avail. Anyone who is swept up in his movement is called “a drone, a hostile paranoiac, a low information voter, or a gullible cynic.” Nice.

Missing in the article are the two things Trump really stands for which are the end of endless wars and the end of selling out by special interests of the American people resulting in bad deals. He rejects globalism by saying you either have a country or you don’t. He wants the rest of the world to pay for its own defense. He wants to end the Empire of Chaos. In other words, be very afraid if you are a neocon.

Oh, and if you go after him, he fights back, something Obama could learn from if he didn’t have a library to build.

Hillary has now taken to calling herself a fighter in preparation for her battle with Trump. The MSM will scream that Trump is a fascist bully when he points she is the Queen of Chaos who sells us out at every turn. She will give us that Cheshire Cat smile. Being a smiling backstabber is the neocon way. “Liberals” like Lofgren will be horrified by the tone of the campaign. Revolutions are always messy affairs.

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