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Blasphemy ban for Udinese midfielder Rolando Mandragora
Blasphemy ban for Udinese midfielder Rolando Mandragora

[Image: pic_1535551398.jpg]
sbobet168 Udinese midfielder Rolando Mandragora has been suspended for one Serie A game after he was caught on camera uttering a blasphemous remark. The former Juventus player shouted "Porca Madonna, Vaffanculo, Dio Cane" - an insult to the Virgin Mary - and also referred to God as a dog.

Mandragora made the outburst after Sampdoria goalkeeper Emil Audero saved his shot in a game which Udinese won 1-0. The remarks initially went unnoticed by officials during the match, sbobet168 but Serie A have since reviewed the footage and issued the ban to the 21-year-old.

"After acquiring and examining the relevant television images, the player, while cursing without referring to anybody around him, was nevertheless clearly seen by the television images to make blasphemous remarks, visibly identifiable from reading his lips without any margin for reasonable doubt," read a disciplinary report from the Lega Serie A.

Mandragora, who has one Italy cap, won the Serie A and Italian Cup with Juventus in 2017, and spent last season on loan at Crotone before signing sbobet168 for Udinese over the summer.Taking God's name in vain in Italy is strictly prohibited and the country's football association has disciplined players and coaches in the past.

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