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Why Real Madrid doesn’t need another Galactico
[size=36pt]Why Real Madrid doesn’t need another Galactico[/size]
[Image: Sergio_Ramos_2896259b.jpg]
sbobet mobile Saying it’s been a tumultuous summer for Real Madrid would be a massive understatement. Fresh off an unprecedented third consecutive Champions League title that well and truly solidified their place atop the European footballing world, everything began to crumble very suddenly. First was their manager. 

Zinedine Zidane took over Los Blancos at a difficult time, tasked with picking up the pieces of the failed Rafa Benitez experiment. His record in Madrid was impeccable: 
sbobet mobile one league title, and three Champions Leagues. Zidane never lost a knockout tie in the Champions League as manager, a remarkable 12-0 record. That’s unheard of.

But Zidane was in need of a new challenge, after peaking at Real Madrid. His replacement was a shrewd one, but it was also marred in controversy. Julien Lopetegui was announced as Real Madrid manager days before the 2018 World Cup, and was promptly sacked by Spain on the eve of the tournament. The Spain team that he was set to coach underwhelmed in Russia, winning only one of the four games they played. The big blow, of course, was their superstar. 

Cristiano Ronaldo, sbobet mobile who moved to Madrid as an emerging superstar, left as arguably the greatest player the world has ever seen. His track record, statistically and culturally, are unassailable. But he, too, was in need of a new challenge, and he moved to Serie A giants Juventus during the World Cup.

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